Tuesday, 27 November 2012

EMotion: Aspire not to have more, but to be more.

The title of this post can have different meanings depending on who's reading it.
Take an ordinary working "Joe" for example.  He may read it, and think it hard to believe when he has to work everyday just to make ends meat.  A well-to-do gentleman of a manor estate may think it he already is more, because he has more.  These are of course stereotypes, and sweeping stereotypes at that.

Now let me tell you that line was spoken by priest, preacher, bishop, and modern day martyr Oscar Romero.  It wouldn't be wrong of me to say it probably changes most peoples opinion and thoughts of it. "Oh it just some theologian trying to motivate people."  Well perhaps that's exactly what it is, but it still applies to all of us, no matter what your religion, nationality or race.
At the weekend I was asked to cover an event in conjunction with CAFOD, at St. Joseph's parish in Ansdell, Lytham St. Anne's, not too far away from my home town of Blackpool.
The day was all about the presentation of this, livesimplyaward, to the parish.  The best and shortest way to explain the award would be to use Oscar Romero's line (above), accompanied with the 3 principles of the livesimply campaign; live simply, sustainably with creation, and in solidarity with people in poverty.
In essence, as the name suggests, it's simple.  Become more, by using less.  Simple things as switching off lights, recycling everything that can be, creating spaces in a natural environment in this ever increasing concrete jungle, and most importantly helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  No matter how hard your day may have been, there is nearly always someone who has had it worse, and if we can help and support them, just a little, then we're half way to becoming more of a complete person.
As the award suggests, St. Joseph's is already well on the way to creating a better place for us all to live, and spending the morning in the parish was brilliant.  I had a great time and spoke to some great people, young and old, and everyone in between.  In a world where every time we tune into the news we're presented with bad news, there are good people, doing great things.  We just have to be willing to find them.

If you're part of a parish, or even if you're not, and want to get involved then visit http://livesimplyaward.org.uk/ for more information.
And as a supporter of the award, CAFOD is also a good place to visit. 

(Finally, I know it's been ages since I last made a post.  Truthfully, it's been a while since I actually produced any photos, and any that were, ended up hidden on the hard drive or sneakingly made there way onto my Flickr instead.  So, I hope this will be the first of a continuation of posts.  Now I just need to get out and do some shoots)