Thursday, 3 March 2011

InMotion: The King is Dead... Long Live the King (for now)

So the King is dead. King Apollo of Mayhem is no longer terrorising... i mean rolling the streets of Blackpool. Finally after 10 and a half years hard graft the trusty steed had finally given up more than it could handle. (10 years doesn't seem much, but i first got the bike for high school. I'm now in my last year at university) The countless years of slogging up hills, racing down 'em, being launched of kerbs, bounced over tree roots and rocky shale paths, finally took it's toll, and not to mention the numerous times it's slid down the road on it's handles bars and pedals. (there's only one way to ride and that's flat out. So with that comes mistakes and the inevitable big crashes, of which there have been many) It finally bit the dust.

So what's replaced it.

Let me introduce the new King, or Prince, as it's yet to earn it's title. It's a Savage Stealth SE (noticing anything here... Mayhem... Savage. All coincidence) It was once my sisters bike, but since she no longer uses it, for now i'll be using it. I'm not keen on bikes with suspension, but we'll see how it goes. It may convert me, and help me decide on my own bike. As you can see. the mudguards and lock have already been transplanted and the once the cones were checked and some air in the tyres, away we went.
Crack!!! But what exactly happened to the King. Well this really. The stem simply cracked and gave way along the weld. Thankfully it didn't give way fully when riding, but noticing the crack whilst levering away at the bars going uphill wasn't ideal timing. I limped home with it, and when my dad moved it next day, it gave way totally. Lucky escape if you ask me.

Also, i'd managed to snap a spoke on the rear wheel. Not a major deal. It was still round and had a fair amount of strength. It had been buckled no fewer than 3 times previously, so the spokes were by now under a fair bit of tension. To add to this the crank probably had a good few millimetres of play in it, which wasn't helping. So for now, the trusty steed is at the back of the shed. It's not being binned though. Oh no. It will live once again. It's just a matter of time, and of course that all important thing money.

So to Christen the newbie i took it for a stroll down the prom and round the houses. Covered about 8 miles or so. Not bad for it's first time out in a few years. Caught this shot from the top of the dunes (added a semi-cross processed look, hence rather yellow-green look compared to other shots)

I think it'll do okay for now. Been bobbing about for a week or so now, and it's still upright and in one piece (though I'm sure this will change at some point)