Sunday, 26 September 2010

EMotion: What a day!

I don't often do diary entry type blogs, but hey. Lets go for it. The reasoning, is today has been quite a day. Quite a weekend in fact. I covered 15 miles on my bicycle, to and from various shops in search of various items. Many of which was unsuccessful. I did however on my journey's get to play with some DAB radios. Since i am on the look out for one. It was great fun filling Curry's with the sound of BBC Radio 6Music.

Anyway to today. Got up around 9am, nothing special, nothing shocking. Had breakfast and started cleaning. I'm now in a student house and the only cupboard left over is a cupboard full of greasy gunky s@!t that seems to be welded on. An hour of scrubbing later aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... still not clean. Yippee.
So i hopped on my bike and went for a ride down to the Tramshed's for there open day, only to change my mind and come back to do more cleaning.

Then i went for another ride. Thoroughly worth it. I got stuck behind an Evo estate. Yes folks. You read that right... an Evo. Estate. Seen it before, but never this close. They are B.E.A.U.tiful! :P :D Awesome piece of kit.

Got home to an empty house only to be greeted an hour or so later by Emily, my wonderful housemate. So i made my self some tea. Mash potato. Which i shared with Emily, much to her delight.

In amongst all that, i bought my self some external hard drives to free up some much needed space on my computer.

Raaah raaahh araaaahhh. That's about it. don't know why i wrote it... quite unprofessional, but who cares. Everyone needs a ramble now and then. Highlight of the day. Definitely the Evo estate, followed by mash with Emily.

Random photo: Blackpool Tower during the Ride the Lights event held last month. Fisheye fun time.