Tuesday, 17 August 2010

InMotion: Blackpool Air Show 2010

So it was that point in the summer, once again, when the air space above Blackpool becomes rather crowded and just that little bit noisier. It was time for the Blackpool Air Show. Boy, how i wish i could write Red Bull in front of that. How cool would it be to have an air show, in Blackpool, sponsored by Red Bull. Then guys like Paul Bonhomme and Peter Besenyei may make an appearance with some of their friends. Anyway, i digress away from the job in hand. Blackpool Air Show... not Red Bull Air Race.
Now i admit i don't know a right lot about planes. For instance i can't tell you, in the slightest what the first plane is. However, i do know that it was incredibly agile and was performing all kinds of loops, rolls and cork-screws. I wish i did know more about planes, and how to tell one plane from another, but i have enough information to remember in my brain already.

One thing i do know about planes though, is that without certain select few models, we'd probably be living under German Nazi rule.
One of the best sights of this years show was a rather slow, but highly spectacular fly by demonstration by none other than a Lancaster Bomber (one of only two remaining operational Lancasters) accompanied either side, by a Hurricane and a Spitfire (MK9 from what the commentator said). It was a nostalgic sight, and a sight that makes you proud to be British.
Below is the Lancaster Bomber, and i believe the Spitfire. (I can never tell the difference)

One of the noisiest (and smelliest) displays was the Breitling Bi-plane Wing Walkers. Compared to the other displays, a rather sedate pace, but just as exciting to watch, particularly how close they get to each other.

Finally, no Blackpool Air Show would be complete with the appearance of the Red Arrows. Whether there has been an Air Show or not, ever since i can remember, the red Arrows make an appearance in Blackpool year-on-year without fail. yet no matter how many times i see them, i can never get bored. The speed, the noise and of course the (highly appropriate and patriotic) smoke.

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