Wednesday, 25 August 2010

EMotion: tree of Life Portraits

I will begin with a small introduction. Above is a photograph, featuring my sister, who regular visitors will recognise. Also featured though is my dad's Aunt, so she is sort of like a Great Aunt to me and my sisters. Born in America, raised in Morecambe, UK and now a nationalised Australian, she travelled the hundreds of mile all the way from Oz to England, on her own. Not bad for a pensioner, who's still working might i add.

Major Respect to my Aunt from Oz!

The rest of the images are of my sister, in the Tree of Life. An awesome spiritual place ever so hard to find, since it's in my Grandma's back yard.
It's only the first time that i have used it for photographic purposes, particularly portraits, but i think it works well. What do you think? Feedback welcome.

Lighting info: Cactus KF-36 at full power, or half power. Ambient under exposed roughly by 1-2 stops. Small amounts of dodge and burn to enhance shadow and highlights

I've added this just because its a fun shot :D

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