Monday, 16 August 2010

EMotion: Blackpool Zoo Visit

So i realise, once again i have been lax with my blog posting, but this is going to be the first of many blogs ovr the next few days (hopefully)
Nothing too exciting to report really, but if i find something i will report it in one of the upcoming posts.
Last week i took a trip to Blackpool Zoo with the family, mainly for the youngest member of the family. It was a great day regardless of the occasional rain. I must admit though i love animals, and to certain extenet i do like zoos, i kind of disagree with them. Nearly all the animals look so sad. A spirit trapped with in a shell. Hence my first image, to which i have added a caption.
Cockney Gibbon... i sure would like to hear that.
Here are some more images from the day.

Seemingly, the parents of the children get more excited about seeing a Sea Lion perform tricks.

Mother and baby gorilla.
Not a great shot, but i am rather pleased with it considering it was 1/13th at 200mm.

My niece thoroughly enjoyed the day and we bought her a little souvenir of her choice. Needless to say, she has been roaring ever since.

Spot the zebra.


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