Wednesday, 25 August 2010

EMotion: tree of Life Portraits

I will begin with a small introduction. Above is a photograph, featuring my sister, who regular visitors will recognise. Also featured though is my dad's Aunt, so she is sort of like a Great Aunt to me and my sisters. Born in America, raised in Morecambe, UK and now a nationalised Australian, she travelled the hundreds of mile all the way from Oz to England, on her own. Not bad for a pensioner, who's still working might i add.

Major Respect to my Aunt from Oz!

The rest of the images are of my sister, in the Tree of Life. An awesome spiritual place ever so hard to find, since it's in my Grandma's back yard.
It's only the first time that i have used it for photographic purposes, particularly portraits, but i think it works well. What do you think? Feedback welcome.

Lighting info: Cactus KF-36 at full power, or half power. Ambient under exposed roughly by 1-2 stops. Small amounts of dodge and burn to enhance shadow and highlights

I've added this just because its a fun shot :D

Monday, 23 August 2010

InMotion: Lambretta Weekender Blackpool 2010

When i was a kid, "scooters" never really impressed me much. My dad has always ridden motorcyces as long as i can remember, and when i was 16 i wanted to do the same. No Peugeot Speedfight for me. I got a proper bike, with a sequential gearbox and a hand clutch. However, in between times, i learned of a "scooter" that had gears, and looked sooooo much cooler than any modern plastic rubbish.
I had seen a Vespa or Lambretta, so i was told by dad from the description i had given him. A little research into them and i soon realised that these were more than just a cheap (far from it actually) and economical mode of transport. They are a way of life. And so when i learned of a Lambretta/Vespa Festival taking place in Blackpool, i had to get down there. From what i know, there were between 4 to 5 hundred bikes attending. Here's what i found when i got there.

This low to the ground, with hundreds of two strokes rasoing past was seriously LOUD. But what a noise. Definitely worth it.

Old school cool. Errr... I think so.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

InMotion: Blackpool Air Show 2010

So it was that point in the summer, once again, when the air space above Blackpool becomes rather crowded and just that little bit noisier. It was time for the Blackpool Air Show. Boy, how i wish i could write Red Bull in front of that. How cool would it be to have an air show, in Blackpool, sponsored by Red Bull. Then guys like Paul Bonhomme and Peter Besenyei may make an appearance with some of their friends. Anyway, i digress away from the job in hand. Blackpool Air Show... not Red Bull Air Race.
Now i admit i don't know a right lot about planes. For instance i can't tell you, in the slightest what the first plane is. However, i do know that it was incredibly agile and was performing all kinds of loops, rolls and cork-screws. I wish i did know more about planes, and how to tell one plane from another, but i have enough information to remember in my brain already.

One thing i do know about planes though, is that without certain select few models, we'd probably be living under German Nazi rule.
One of the best sights of this years show was a rather slow, but highly spectacular fly by demonstration by none other than a Lancaster Bomber (one of only two remaining operational Lancasters) accompanied either side, by a Hurricane and a Spitfire (MK9 from what the commentator said). It was a nostalgic sight, and a sight that makes you proud to be British.
Below is the Lancaster Bomber, and i believe the Spitfire. (I can never tell the difference)

One of the noisiest (and smelliest) displays was the Breitling Bi-plane Wing Walkers. Compared to the other displays, a rather sedate pace, but just as exciting to watch, particularly how close they get to each other.

Finally, no Blackpool Air Show would be complete with the appearance of the Red Arrows. Whether there has been an Air Show or not, ever since i can remember, the red Arrows make an appearance in Blackpool year-on-year without fail. yet no matter how many times i see them, i can never get bored. The speed, the noise and of course the (highly appropriate and patriotic) smoke.

Monday, 16 August 2010

InMotion: Bounce Bounce, Trampoline

More summer antics. This time in the form of my sister, enjoying herself at the local park on the trampolines. They still look so much fun and the best bit about them is because i weigh under 11 stone, i can go on them too... though not on this occasion. May be next time hey. Any way, yeah, my sister, dancer, and runner extraordinaire, which also means she can pretty much jump higher than a house on a trampoline.
Bounce bounce.

NoMotion: Shots in the rain

I, like many photographers i suppose, take for cover when it starts to rain. Well i decided that this had to change. I spent a day making a a water proof cover out of a carrier bag, an old butter tub and some blu-tac. Needless to say i didn't have to wait too long until it rained and i got the chance to test it out down the local park. I got the odd funny look from a dog walker or two, but then i did have an empty butter tub on the end of my lens. It worked though; and here are the shots.

EMotion: Blackpool Zoo Visit

So i realise, once again i have been lax with my blog posting, but this is going to be the first of many blogs ovr the next few days (hopefully)
Nothing too exciting to report really, but if i find something i will report it in one of the upcoming posts.
Last week i took a trip to Blackpool Zoo with the family, mainly for the youngest member of the family. It was a great day regardless of the occasional rain. I must admit though i love animals, and to certain extenet i do like zoos, i kind of disagree with them. Nearly all the animals look so sad. A spirit trapped with in a shell. Hence my first image, to which i have added a caption.
Cockney Gibbon... i sure would like to hear that.
Here are some more images from the day.

Seemingly, the parents of the children get more excited about seeing a Sea Lion perform tricks.

Mother and baby gorilla.
Not a great shot, but i am rather pleased with it considering it was 1/13th at 200mm.

My niece thoroughly enjoyed the day and we bought her a little souvenir of her choice. Needless to say, she has been roaring ever since.

Spot the zebra.