Tuesday, 6 July 2010

EMotion: Artistic Portrait

So i tried something a little different with this image. I think it turned out quite well.

So as you can probably tell from all the uploads, i have been quite busy with the camera lately, so decided on a bit of an update. All of these images, and more can also be seen on my Flickr - here.

EMotion: Froggy Frog Portraits

EMotion: Back the Beard

I supported ITV's Back the Beard campaign in support of the England football team. Here's the proof.

NoMotion: Funky Fungus

EMotion: Suckin' Even Moar Rabbits

Another shot from my Suckin' Rabbits Series.
I always do these edits and love them at the time, but always look back and think why did i do it. But hey. I've posted it anyway.