Friday, 11 June 2010

EMotion: Waayyy Too Long

So i haven't posted on here for aaaaages. It's been way too long. Not the way to keep a blog running at all, hey.
So, what of this image.
It's part of a new book that i have produced, entitled;
Fluorescent Lights and Phone Calls.
For a closer look and an insight to the book please click here.
So, today is also the start of the World Cup. A time where nigh on every man, and possibly woman will be locked to their television sets. If I am honest though i would like England to do well, i really can't be bothered with it. All the hype. Al the money wasted. I am currently watching the Isle of Man TT races, and would much rather have that continue for another week than watch the World Cup.
But in honorary style,
And those keen eyed of you will have noticed a new Blog layout... just to confuse you all.

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