Friday, 2 April 2010

EMotion: Attention, Affection

So i spent more than a few hours in my room today, simply reading and looking at books, whilst accompanied by some music, looking for bits of inspiration for my current project (see my Flickr page and click the Topographical Exploration Set)
The books of the day (also detailed on Flickr) were;
Ragged Edge, by Stephen Davison, a story and photographic portrait of the power, glory and (literally) the life of motorcycle road racing.
Dark Days, by John Darwell. A photographic documentary of the 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease in Cumbria and the effect it had on the roads, farms and lives of the people living and working in the farming industry with in Cumbria. It featured a brilliant forward by Liz Wells, with some great pieces of writing.
Niagara, by Alec Soth. A brilliant photographic portrait of the area around Niagara Falls, that borders America and Canada. All the images were produced with a 10x8 inch plate camera, so are of superb clarity and quality, and show both sides of Niagara, the beauty and the Falls, as well as the people who live and visit there. It ends with an essay by Philip Brookman, which is a fantastic reflection on the work and features some very interesting, thought provoking statements.
And the music to accompany all of this, Fleet Foxes, Travis and Mumford and Sons.
All in all a very worthwhile and reflective afternoon.

After reading Brookman's essay, i sat simply listening to the music, gazing out of the window, which is when, for some, i wrote this, and produced the image to go with it.

And the quote, and title for this day of though and reflection:
You desired my attention, but denied my affection.