Tuesday, 19 January 2010

EMotion: One for the boys... i suppose.

I say that, but the girls may enjoy it just as much.


When i was younger my father showed me a video. The video featured the review of a few rallies from the 1980's. I had seen modern day rallying on the T.V, but never had i seen anything like this. The cars looked totally different, and the sound... oh the sound. I'd never heard anything like it before. They were so different. So abnormal. They were aliens to me. It was exciting!

This era in rallying became legendary, partly because it got banned, after only 3-4 years in existence, but largely because the spectacle was so immense and so memorable.

The era was Group B; and earlier today, whilst procrastinating, i found this marvel of a video. No cheesy music, no funky writing, just the pure unadulterated sounds, of turbo charged, straight 5, V6, four wheel drive, monsters at their absolute best. They were effectively prototype super-cars designed to go on any surface.

I know it may not interest all you, and you may not quite understand why i have so much passion for these cars, but once you have seen them in real life they are brought all the more closer to reality, and not just some story and myth caught on a grainy video tape.

I must also say i have no copyright of this. It wasn't created by myself.
But please enjoy.

I also found this, epic video, in my opinion.

And for those of you who like this sort of thing. You can see it in Blackpool, well near Fleetwood
to be precise, next month. Though i will admit, it may not be quite as spectacular as what you
have just watched.


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