Tuesday, 29 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog A Day: Woops! Catch up time.

Okay. So i have let the discipline slip a bit, and i haven't posted for four days now. Waaaahhhhhh!! I know. It's bad isn't it, but, to be honest Christmas day would simply have been a Merry Christmas, and Boxing Day i was doing exactly that. Boxing up old clutter and junk to make some space in my bedroom, which as those of you who follow my Blog will know that it isn't the largest of rooms. And the 27th and 28th, my aunt, uncle and three young cousins came and visited from Birmingham, so i was a little pre-occupied.
Excuses over... and on with todays... well okay, tonight's post!

After another day of tidying, and being in the house all day, i decided to go for a walk, to breathe in some fresh air, and just be outdoors. [Breathe in, and... aaaahhhhhhhhh]
I hadn't been for a proper walk, with no other reason than going for a walk with my camera, for quite some time. So i decided to go somewhere slightly different, and get some distance under my legs.
Mother nature on the other hand, had another idea.
Walking along the streets was fine, but turning of the footpaths and onto the gravel tracks, i came upon snow. Or so i thought, initially. Then i realised that it hadn't snowed for over four days now, so the snow could only of course be.... ICE. Mile after mile of frozen, icy, slidy-ness, with trainers that start having a paddy at the sight of a wet surface let alone an icy one. So i either had to walk with small slow steps on the ice, and risk falling with my camera in hand.... or walk along the grassy verge, which had more resemblance to a bog. I chose bog... then went back on it, and preferred the ice. Either way was slowly slippy progress.
That'll teach for taking the scenic route.
Yes folks, that up there ^^^ is sheet ice.
It was all good fun and quite enjoyable nevertheless.

Plus, when i got to the top of what is perhaps my favourite hill in Blackpool, i was greeted by one of my favourite views.
Blackpool and it's light pollution.
Now i must admit, i am a sucker for the sky. I will happily lie down, sit down or stand and gaze into it and through it for hours. Add to this the possibility of loads of different colours created by all the surrounding light pollution, in my mind makes for something quite interesting, not to mention beautiful too.
I also admit that the photos aren't great. It was incredibly windy, and the camera was twittering all over the show, on my £12.99 Lidl tripod.
I hope you enjoy the results as much as i do.

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