Wednesday, 23 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog A Day: Myself and other students in the local Paper.

You many remeber from a previous post, not too long ago, maybe a week at the most, that i had some images published on the BBC website, from a book that has recently been published, about Blackpool. Well the local paper, Blackpool Gazette, ran a small feature on the subject, which features a photograph of all the contributing photographers with the mayor.
Well i fianlly got my hands on the paper, and had chance to scan it in. I know it's rather poor quality, since they were done on a HP all-in-one printer scanner thingy, which isn't great, but does a sufficient job i think. I don't have access to a drum scanner you see.
Scan 1, featuring a few photographs, one of which is by my friend, Lee. Top right.
Scan 2. I scanned the text as well, since the reporter interviewed some of us, though not myself unfortunately, but she did interview some of my friends and fellow students;
Hannah -
Lee -
Stew -
So, here is a close up view with their quotes.

Yeah. So that's about that for tonight.

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