Thursday, 24 December 2009

Emotion: A Blog A Day: Materialism


Just what you need at Christmas, a good read.

So many of us pin so much on materials. Little trinkets, thingy-ma-bobs, and whats-its. We never really stop to think what is truly important in life; like life itself, and the lives around us that we influence, and the lives that influence our own.

Yes it is nice to own things that make us happy, but most of them aren’t really necessary. For instance, I’d like a car. It isn’t a necessity. I could go so far as calling it a novelty. I should have good enough skills as a photographer to know of enough locations with my home town that I can use, with needing a car to get to them. Earlier in the week I became the owner of an MP3 player, that can also play videos, has both DAB and FM radio and other little funky party tricks. I don’t really need it though. I should be able to walk the twenty minutes to college, without having music playing. I should be able to appreciate the nature and architecture that I pass on my route to college. Though I could say that has been spoiled due to materialistic people and their things, mainly cars, and peoples houses where they have replaced a green garden with tarmac, for their gas guzzling, Range Rover Sport, which has no purpose what so ever in Blackpool, other than looking horribly vulgar and with an air of ‘oh look at me I’m ever so posh,’ and the big BMW parked next to it which isn’t much better, both tucked away behind electronically controlled gates, because the owners have become too lazy to walk.

Sorry, I’ve gone off at a tangent there. I have, … lets say, a particular dislike for big 4x4 vehicles being in town where the most they’re ever gonna go off road, is bouncing over the kerb, or speed bumps on entry to the car park in the Trafford Centre. Put them on a farm, or on a muddy lane, then I’m happy. That’s where they belong.

Anyway, Materialism… not 4x4-ism.

Yes, I didn’t need the MP3 player, I wanted it, because it’s a novelty gadget that puts a smile on my face, and allows me to hear the sounds I want to hear. I should be able to appreciate what is around me, no matter what my opinion of the particular subject.

We should be happy, and just as much, grateful of the things we have, a roof over our head, a family that loves us and cares for us, and friends that are there for us when we need them. These are not material things. These are spiritual things, things that many of us don’t really stop to think about, well not enough of the time anyway.

Like tomorrow, when your mum, your dad, brother or sister, friend, or anyone, gives you a gift, be it a card or a present, don’t just dive in and open it. Look at the person in front of you, really look at them, with all your mind too, and appreciate them, and their kindness; not what is inside over elaborately decorated packaging; the person, appreciate the person. Thank them, and smile at them, even hug and kiss them. Make them the one that feels special.

And if you can’t see the person, because the gift has been sent through the mail, when you read the name of the person who has sent it, think about them, picture them in your mind. Just spend a minute thinking about them and what they could be doing.

Go one just try it.

Materials, we don’t need them… well not all of them. Food and drink is something that we do need.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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