Saturday, 12 December 2009

EMotion: A blog a day, keeps the brain bugs away

As the title says, a blog a day,
will help keep the brain bugs from eating away,
all my knowledge of work and play.
I've been none-stop over the last few weeks,
University has been filling in the leaks
In my head, where my thoughtful matter should stay.

Over the festive season we become lethargic and lazy,
All memories of hard work and creativity become distorted and hazy.
A solution has to be sought and found,
To stop my creativity from decreasing and falling down.

Therefore, i intend to attempt to create a blog entry everyday,
Over the festive holiday season, starting today.
Some will be planned, some will be not.
A few will contain images from days gone by,
and some will be snapshots of time.
It may be words, a poem perhaps, or even song lyrics,
Accompanied by a photograph just for kicks.

I realise this poem is woeful,
And i'm not too hopeful,
of keeping to my promise.
I can try at least.

In the meantime, heres a photograph from a trip to Liverpool earlier on in the year.

P.S. Though this was posted on Sunday. It counts as Saturday, since haven't slept yet. So yes, i've failed at the first hurdle :P :D

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