Saturday, 19 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog A Day: Expression


We all express ourselves, but we all do it in our own individual way.

Some of us prefer to scream and shout, letting everyone know about what is going on and feeding off the response they get from the viewer. Even if it is negative, the person will take it on board to become even more outwardly expressive.

Whereas others are happy to keep things to themselves, thinking and pondering about the situation, self content with no need to let everyone know about it. They only tell if they are asked, they are inwardly expressive.

Both have a there positives and negatives. People can become sick and tired of hearing how good a particular person is, or how so and so is such an idiot. Not everyone likes to hear the latest gossip being presented to everyone in the room. In contrast, keeping everything to yourself, isn’t always best, particularly if it is something that is playing on your mind and needs to be expressed. Inwardly expressives tend to express themselves in other ways, be it through music, or dance, or maybe they spill their thoughts and feeling onto paper or in the form of a watching a film, or playing a video game. Secondly, to keep things inside for so long, means at some point they will have to come out, potentially uncontrollably and at great expense to another person.

Expression is something we all do; some of us with noticing we are doing it. We are asked a question and we may answer with our body, either the way we stand, hold our head or move our eyes, before we answer with our words. Expression is a part of our lives.

To express yourself is to be human; it’s how you express yourself that is important to your character, and it’s your character that determines your expression.

I suppose at this point I should by now be making a point, or drawing to a conclusion and well to be honest, I don’t really have one. There has been a lot of expressions over the last few days so I thought I’d write about expression.

And of course i have to include a photograph, so i have included this, that i took early last week.

This is a Ducati Desmosedici GP5 designed by Filippo Preziosi. The man is described as the quietest man in the Ducati garage. So why is it that he can design and create a machine that is so powerful, so unbelievably loud nearly un-rideable and yet at the same time so beautiful to look at. The lines curve and sway, creating the shape and contours of the bike. To look at compared to all other motorcycles, in my opinion, it is so different. This bike bridges the gap between outward expressive and inward expressive. The creator is inwardly expressive, yet his creation is so outwardly expressive. Though it's only machine, it has a character, that influences it's rider, and those in immediate contact with the machine. So in terms of humans, one persons character and expressions affects those of another, and it is up to us to remain independent, be ourselves and have our own individual character which will help to develop our expressions.

Ultimately, be expressive, but be yourself. Take influence from others, but don't be ruled by others.

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