Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Emotion: A Blog A Day: Errrrmm.

Haven't really got anything prepared for today. It was my birthday, and it snowed... which is a Hurrahh moment... only second time ever that it's happened. Had a great day, starting with a trip out with my sister, which was good times. Her first experience of driving in the proper snow. Was great fun... very exciting for both of us... well it was for me.
It's been a good day, but for bout the last week i've had a killer of a sore throat. to the point where i've pretty much lost my voice... and today it feels like i have a golf ball in my throat. Not a great feeling, but hey. I shall carry on regardless.
Not long until Christmas now either, which is good since i'll be with my family, but i'll have been away from my friends for a week. Now i know it's only a week, but some of them are quite possibly the best friends that i've ever had. And today made me realise how close i feel to some of them. Alright, i realise i'm going a bit soppy now, so i'll pull things back on track with a photo of Blackpool in the fog. It wasn't taken recently, but the current weather conditions aren't too far off what's outside.
Not a bad blog, since it was totally unplanned... i think i've done worse before now.

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