Friday, 18 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog a Day: Borders Road Trip

So here it is. A little late, but my blog entry for the day.

I don't know how many of you know, but Borders book shop has gone into administration, and the stores are closing down. I have been trying to get the the store in Preston since i found out, and today i finally got the chance to go, accompanied by a good friend of course, Reva. So i documented the day, not very well though, and inevitably as with most of my docu work converted the images to Black and White.

Here's me and Reva in the car on the way... don't worry, my mum was driving so everything was safe.

The day kept threatening snow, but as soon as it hit the ground, it simply melted away, though we did get a bit of stick later on in the day back in Blackpool.
Perhaps the best shop name i have seen for some time.
As well as Borders, in which i didn't take a photograph :O we also went in Toys 'R' Us... oh yeah.
Where Reva found many items that appealed to her, quite a lot of the soft and cuddly things, as well as sci-fi stuff too...
... and of course the playable x-box demo... which we played on for about 15 minutes. Reva was Harlequin, and i was Joker, and we tore apart Lego Gotham City with out amazing team work and Lego building baddy bashing skills.

Reva also tried to get into a children's play house... which proved quite difficult, but she got there in the end.

And Reva also found an area, especially cordoned off for Reva's.

The inevitable trip to a fast food parlour...
... with candid shot of a man sneezing and blowing his nose. Nice one. :D
Then my sister, who had followed us in her own car, suggested we go to the Reptile Room. Unfortunately they had experienced a fire the previous week, so it was shut.... queue Sad Reva...
But then my sister knew of another place that had Reptiles and amphibious creatures. So me and Reva swapped cars, and accompanied my sister the Water World, as well as the Reptile Room in Blackpool.... but you will have to wait til tomorrow, (though in theory it will actually be today) to see the pictures from there.

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