Monday, 14 December 2009

EMotion: A blog a day: 50mm challenge

So here's my blog entry for the day.
I was contemplating doing two to make up for yesterday, but hey, i thought it would spoil the flow of things, having two posts in a day... it would be distracting from the theme. And, also. There's plenty to look at in this post.
I like to call it the 50mm challenge, largely because i used the 50mm focal length all day, to mirror my shooting partners focal length. He had 50mm prime, so i thought, hey, why not join him. So everything was taken on 50mm.
To see his version of events for the day, click here...
So yeah... check it out. Feedback welcome.

I started out with some abstract stuff, just to get warmed up...

... before moving on to some (schmexy) portraits of of my co-shooter, friend and fellow student, Lee. Regrettably though he went home for christmas the day after this shoot, because he lives in Scunthorpe, which was part of the reason for the day... spending time with a good friend.

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