Tuesday, 29 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog A Day: Woops! Catch up time.

Okay. So i have let the discipline slip a bit, and i haven't posted for four days now. Waaaahhhhhh!! I know. It's bad isn't it, but, to be honest Christmas day would simply have been a Merry Christmas, and Boxing Day i was doing exactly that. Boxing up old clutter and junk to make some space in my bedroom, which as those of you who follow my Blog will know that it isn't the largest of rooms. And the 27th and 28th, my aunt, uncle and three young cousins came and visited from Birmingham, so i was a little pre-occupied.
Excuses over... and on with todays... well okay, tonight's post!

After another day of tidying, and being in the house all day, i decided to go for a walk, to breathe in some fresh air, and just be outdoors. [Breathe in, and... aaaahhhhhhhhh]
I hadn't been for a proper walk, with no other reason than going for a walk with my camera, for quite some time. So i decided to go somewhere slightly different, and get some distance under my legs.
Mother nature on the other hand, had another idea.
Walking along the streets was fine, but turning of the footpaths and onto the gravel tracks, i came upon snow. Or so i thought, initially. Then i realised that it hadn't snowed for over four days now, so the snow could only of course be.... ICE. Mile after mile of frozen, icy, slidy-ness, with trainers that start having a paddy at the sight of a wet surface let alone an icy one. So i either had to walk with small slow steps on the ice, and risk falling with my camera in hand.... or walk along the grassy verge, which had more resemblance to a bog. I chose bog... then went back on it, and preferred the ice. Either way was slowly slippy progress.
That'll teach for taking the scenic route.
Yes folks, that up there ^^^ is sheet ice.
It was all good fun and quite enjoyable nevertheless.

Plus, when i got to the top of what is perhaps my favourite hill in Blackpool, i was greeted by one of my favourite views.
Blackpool and it's light pollution.
Now i must admit, i am a sucker for the sky. I will happily lie down, sit down or stand and gaze into it and through it for hours. Add to this the possibility of loads of different colours created by all the surrounding light pollution, in my mind makes for something quite interesting, not to mention beautiful too.
I also admit that the photos aren't great. It was incredibly windy, and the camera was twittering all over the show, on my £12.99 Lidl tripod.
I hope you enjoy the results as much as i do.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Emotion: A Blog A Day: Materialism


Just what you need at Christmas, a good read.

So many of us pin so much on materials. Little trinkets, thingy-ma-bobs, and whats-its. We never really stop to think what is truly important in life; like life itself, and the lives around us that we influence, and the lives that influence our own.

Yes it is nice to own things that make us happy, but most of them aren’t really necessary. For instance, I’d like a car. It isn’t a necessity. I could go so far as calling it a novelty. I should have good enough skills as a photographer to know of enough locations with my home town that I can use, with needing a car to get to them. Earlier in the week I became the owner of an MP3 player, that can also play videos, has both DAB and FM radio and other little funky party tricks. I don’t really need it though. I should be able to walk the twenty minutes to college, without having music playing. I should be able to appreciate the nature and architecture that I pass on my route to college. Though I could say that has been spoiled due to materialistic people and their things, mainly cars, and peoples houses where they have replaced a green garden with tarmac, for their gas guzzling, Range Rover Sport, which has no purpose what so ever in Blackpool, other than looking horribly vulgar and with an air of ‘oh look at me I’m ever so posh,’ and the big BMW parked next to it which isn’t much better, both tucked away behind electronically controlled gates, because the owners have become too lazy to walk.

Sorry, I’ve gone off at a tangent there. I have, … lets say, a particular dislike for big 4x4 vehicles being in town where the most they’re ever gonna go off road, is bouncing over the kerb, or speed bumps on entry to the car park in the Trafford Centre. Put them on a farm, or on a muddy lane, then I’m happy. That’s where they belong.

Anyway, Materialism… not 4x4-ism.

Yes, I didn’t need the MP3 player, I wanted it, because it’s a novelty gadget that puts a smile on my face, and allows me to hear the sounds I want to hear. I should be able to appreciate what is around me, no matter what my opinion of the particular subject.

We should be happy, and just as much, grateful of the things we have, a roof over our head, a family that loves us and cares for us, and friends that are there for us when we need them. These are not material things. These are spiritual things, things that many of us don’t really stop to think about, well not enough of the time anyway.

Like tomorrow, when your mum, your dad, brother or sister, friend, or anyone, gives you a gift, be it a card or a present, don’t just dive in and open it. Look at the person in front of you, really look at them, with all your mind too, and appreciate them, and their kindness; not what is inside over elaborately decorated packaging; the person, appreciate the person. Thank them, and smile at them, even hug and kiss them. Make them the one that feels special.

And if you can’t see the person, because the gift has been sent through the mail, when you read the name of the person who has sent it, think about them, picture them in your mind. Just spend a minute thinking about them and what they could be doing.

Go one just try it.

Materials, we don’t need them… well not all of them. Food and drink is something that we do need.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog A Day: Myself and other students in the local Paper.

You many remeber from a previous post, not too long ago, maybe a week at the most, that i had some images published on the BBC website, from a book that has recently been published, about Blackpool. Well the local paper, Blackpool Gazette, ran a small feature on the subject, which features a photograph of all the contributing photographers with the mayor.
Well i fianlly got my hands on the paper, and had chance to scan it in. I know it's rather poor quality, since they were done on a HP all-in-one printer scanner thingy, which isn't great, but does a sufficient job i think. I don't have access to a drum scanner you see.
Scan 1, featuring a few photographs, one of which is by my friend, Lee. Top right.
Scan 2. I scanned the text as well, since the reporter interviewed some of us, though not myself unfortunately, but she did interview some of my friends and fellow students;
Hannah - http://hannahaliphotography.blogspot.com/
Lee - http://leeoccleshaw.tumblr.com/
Stew - http://stewartcapper.blogspot.com/
So, here is a close up view with their quotes.

Yeah. So that's about that for tonight.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Emotion: A Blog A Day: Errrrmm.

Haven't really got anything prepared for today. It was my birthday, and it snowed... which is a Hurrahh moment... only second time ever that it's happened. Had a great day, starting with a trip out with my sister, which was good times. Her first experience of driving in the proper snow. Was great fun... very exciting for both of us... well it was for me.
It's been a good day, but for bout the last week i've had a killer of a sore throat. to the point where i've pretty much lost my voice... and today it feels like i have a golf ball in my throat. Not a great feeling, but hey. I shall carry on regardless.
Not long until Christmas now either, which is good since i'll be with my family, but i'll have been away from my friends for a week. Now i know it's only a week, but some of them are quite possibly the best friends that i've ever had. And today made me realise how close i feel to some of them. Alright, i realise i'm going a bit soppy now, so i'll pull things back on track with a photo of Blackpool in the fog. It wasn't taken recently, but the current weather conditions aren't too far off what's outside.
Not a bad blog, since it was totally unplanned... i think i've done worse before now.

Monday, 21 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog A Day: Snow... in Blackpool? Yeah!!!

For me it was quite clear what today's post was going to be all about... SNOW. For once, Blackpool actually got snow. Being so close to the sea, we rarely get a decent enough snowfall, and when i say decent, i mean good enough to have a snowball fight, build a snowman, go sledging, and generally just have absolute fun in the snow. It was brilliant. For a few hours, i got to be 5 year old again. Running up and down, throwing snow balls, falling to the ground making snow angels, playing with my next door neighbours dog, and of course sledging.
This is what greeted me this morning on my street. I decided the best vantage point was in the middle of the road... so that's where is stood. If you click on the bigger images, you can actually still see the snow falling.

The view from my bedroom window.
Hill... sledge... hill... sledge.... hmmmmm.
Huh...... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... kerplunk!

The poor people getting to work in Blackpool on a Monday morning didn't know what had hit them. Four cars were abandoned on my street, with many other sliding to a temporary halt. In the image above, you can see several cars abandoned on the left hand side of the street as they tried to get up the icy hill by the park. They were still there several hours later.

The park.

Two people looking rather happy to be in the snow... don't you think.


Sunday, 20 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog A Day: Game On

After yesterday's rather wordy post, i'm just giving you a photo to look at this evening.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog A Day: Expression


We all express ourselves, but we all do it in our own individual way.

Some of us prefer to scream and shout, letting everyone know about what is going on and feeding off the response they get from the viewer. Even if it is negative, the person will take it on board to become even more outwardly expressive.

Whereas others are happy to keep things to themselves, thinking and pondering about the situation, self content with no need to let everyone know about it. They only tell if they are asked, they are inwardly expressive.

Both have a there positives and negatives. People can become sick and tired of hearing how good a particular person is, or how so and so is such an idiot. Not everyone likes to hear the latest gossip being presented to everyone in the room. In contrast, keeping everything to yourself, isn’t always best, particularly if it is something that is playing on your mind and needs to be expressed. Inwardly expressives tend to express themselves in other ways, be it through music, or dance, or maybe they spill their thoughts and feeling onto paper or in the form of a watching a film, or playing a video game. Secondly, to keep things inside for so long, means at some point they will have to come out, potentially uncontrollably and at great expense to another person.

Expression is something we all do; some of us with noticing we are doing it. We are asked a question and we may answer with our body, either the way we stand, hold our head or move our eyes, before we answer with our words. Expression is a part of our lives.

To express yourself is to be human; it’s how you express yourself that is important to your character, and it’s your character that determines your expression.

I suppose at this point I should by now be making a point, or drawing to a conclusion and well to be honest, I don’t really have one. There has been a lot of expressions over the last few days so I thought I’d write about expression.

And of course i have to include a photograph, so i have included this, that i took early last week.

This is a Ducati Desmosedici GP5 designed by Filippo Preziosi. The man is described as the quietest man in the Ducati garage. So why is it that he can design and create a machine that is so powerful, so unbelievably loud nearly un-rideable and yet at the same time so beautiful to look at. The lines curve and sway, creating the shape and contours of the bike. To look at compared to all other motorcycles, in my opinion, it is so different. This bike bridges the gap between outward expressive and inward expressive. The creator is inwardly expressive, yet his creation is so outwardly expressive. Though it's only machine, it has a character, that influences it's rider, and those in immediate contact with the machine. So in terms of humans, one persons character and expressions affects those of another, and it is up to us to remain independent, be ourselves and have our own individual character which will help to develop our expressions.

Ultimately, be expressive, but be yourself. Take influence from others, but don't be ruled by others.

Friday, 18 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog a Day: Reptiles

So those of you reading yesterday's post will know that i visited two Reptile stores. Some of the creatures were amazing, with the second having some extremely rare specimens, including a type of lizard of which there are only 3 in the country.
Unfortunately i didn't get photos in the second store, due to the rarity of the creatures, i was advised not to take photos.
I did however get photos from the first one. Now i know that they are simply animals in a pet shop that are for sale, and i admit they're not the greatest photographs, but as i'm doing a blog a day, they take up a post, and i think they are excellent to look at and extremely intriguing.
Above and Below: Bearded Dragons

I'm not sure on the species of this guy above.
Pygmy Mississippi Musk Turtles.... or something like that.

EMotion: A Blog a Day: Borders Road Trip

So here it is. A little late, but my blog entry for the day.

I don't know how many of you know, but Borders book shop has gone into administration, and the stores are closing down. I have been trying to get the the store in Preston since i found out, and today i finally got the chance to go, accompanied by a good friend of course, Reva. So i documented the day, not very well though, and inevitably as with most of my docu work converted the images to Black and White.

Here's me and Reva in the car on the way... don't worry, my mum was driving so everything was safe.

The day kept threatening snow, but as soon as it hit the ground, it simply melted away, though we did get a bit of stick later on in the day back in Blackpool.
Perhaps the best shop name i have seen for some time.
As well as Borders, in which i didn't take a photograph :O we also went in Toys 'R' Us... oh yeah.
Where Reva found many items that appealed to her, quite a lot of the soft and cuddly things, as well as sci-fi stuff too...
... and of course the playable x-box demo... which we played on for about 15 minutes. Reva was Harlequin, and i was Joker, and we tore apart Lego Gotham City with out amazing team work and Lego building baddy bashing skills.

Reva also tried to get into a children's play house... which proved quite difficult, but she got there in the end.

And Reva also found an area, especially cordoned off for Reva's.

The inevitable trip to a fast food parlour...
... with candid shot of a man sneezing and blowing his nose. Nice one. :D
Then my sister, who had followed us in her own car, suggested we go to the Reptile Room. Unfortunately they had experienced a fire the previous week, so it was shut.... queue Sad Reva...
But then my sister knew of another place that had Reptiles and amphibious creatures. So me and Reva swapped cars, and accompanied my sister the Water World, as well as the Reptile Room in Blackpool.... but you will have to wait til tomorrow, (though in theory it will actually be today) to see the pictures from there.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog a Day: I'm published on the BBC babee! :D

I'm not gonna beat about the bush tonight.

I, Daniel Kearney, got my photographs published on the BBC website. Hell yeah. This is a proud moment. Apart from the fact that one of my photos has been credited to another photographer. I'm not sure whether i should contact the BBC and/or the publisher, to let them know so they can resolve it.

Here's the link:

I must admit after spending 5 hours mounting prints, and then rushing around to get frames, and getting locked out the house, it made for a perfect ending to the day. :D :D
So yeah, i don't need to post any photographs. You can look at some in the link above. :D

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

EMotion: A Blog a Day: Observations

So this isn't really a post about anything other than my observations for the day. I have no set photos to post, nor anything special to write, so potentially this post is a waste of time and space and electricity.

There are some people in the world who seem to make some random and pointless comments... myself included, but this one baffled me today.

Brunette Lady: Where are we going now?
Blonde Lady: We're going home.
Brunette Lady: Ahh... where did we park the car? It's got dark now; i can't remember.

Personally i found it quite hilarious why the lady felt the need to make this comment but hey, she did.

Also my friend Reva introduced me to this website: http://www.fmylife.com/ which is meant to be a place where people post there sob stories of the day. Personally though i found some of them, absolutely hilarious, in particularly these ones ... http://www.fmylife.com/love/6761205 andhttp://www.fmylife.com/miscellaneous/6760576
:D i had a right good chuckle.

And here's a final observation; from a trip to Derby i had some time ago. Pretty much every taxi saw was yellow, so here's the proof.

Monday, 14 December 2009

EMotion: A blog a day: 50mm challenge

So here's my blog entry for the day.
I was contemplating doing two to make up for yesterday, but hey, i thought it would spoil the flow of things, having two posts in a day... it would be distracting from the theme. And, also. There's plenty to look at in this post.
I like to call it the 50mm challenge, largely because i used the 50mm focal length all day, to mirror my shooting partners focal length. He had 50mm prime, so i thought, hey, why not join him. So everything was taken on 50mm.
To see his version of events for the day, click here... http://leeoccleshaw.tumblr.com/
So yeah... check it out. Feedback welcome.

I started out with some abstract stuff, just to get warmed up...

... before moving on to some (schmexy) portraits of of my co-shooter, friend and fellow student, Lee. Regrettably though he went home for christmas the day after this shoot, because he lives in Scunthorpe, which was part of the reason for the day... spending time with a good friend.