Friday, 20 November 2009

EMotion: Fashion Narrative

I've got a humdinger of a new assignment at University. I have to do 5 assignments in 5 weeks, and i have to write them all myself; which is great fun. I pretty much have free reign of what i can do, as long as the assignment is believable, and all importantly, as the theme of this year, i have to take Risks.

So these are the images from my first brief: Autumn.
I wanted to create a fashion style series that would be suitable for an Autumnal issue of Vogue magazine. Now as you can probably tell from the rest of my posts, I'm not much of a fashion expert or a fashion photographer, so this was quite a daunting shoot for me.
I decided to produce a narrative, the influence for which came from an interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood.

The story goes...
A young, fine lady is wandering through the woods, with hardly a care in the world, simply admiring the nature that surrounds her. The wonderful mixture of colours and sounds from the wildlife that inhabits the woodland scene.
She continues to walk deeper into the woods, when she comes upon a mask on the ground. She becomes intrigued by it's appearance, and resemblance to the natural world.
The Young Lady walks over to the mask and picks it up, caressing it and admiring it's appearance and texture, running her fingers through soft feather like surface.
Her fascination with the mask is too strong. She looks around to see nobody. She brings the mask towards her face; the sky darkens, a gust of wind rattles through the trees, a crack of thunder echoes all around the woodland and a bolt of lightning momentarily blinds her.
The Young Lady awakes, apparently on the ground, only to realise that she is laying upon the wings of a butterfly carved into the wood laying upon the ground. She feels warm and comforted and entranced by her surroundings. She sits up, stands up, and continues walking further into the woods.
The Young Lady begins to touch and interact with all the nature that surrounds her. She can't help herself. It's almost as though she has been empowered by nature through wearing the mask.
She comes upon a small stream, gracefully looking down into the trickling water. That is when she realises that she is wearing the mask, first startled by her appearance, before admiring her new beauty. She continues to gaze dreamily into the water, tilting and turning her head, admiring herself from all angles.
Finally she leaves the waters edge, continuing on her journey still grasping at nature. She comes to a clearing in the woods, filled with Autumnal leaves. She stands, neck arched right back looking up to the canopy of the trees, leaves falling all around her, on her even. She had never seen anything like it. In utter bewilderment she watched on, until suddenly she was thrown to the ground, the mask leaving her face, now lying dormant once again upon the ground.

Monday, 16 November 2009

InMotion: Biography of Robbie Greenaway

These are four photos of an assignment at Uni. I had to tell the biography of another person through 4 photographs.
So i introduce Robbie Greenaway. Some what of an action man extraordinaire.
Trial Rider. Taken on the Cliffs at Gynn Square, Promenade, Blackpool. This was possibly the most fun out of all the shoots, but certainly the most challenging too. The slightest slip from either of us and we were tumbling down the rock face. We both had moments where we nearly found out the hard way.
Strobist: Sun, camera right and behind. SB-800, camera left, filling in shadows on legs. Cactus KF-36, camera left filling in shadows on face.
Basketball. Robbie is also a brilliant basketball player, though i must admit he does look more like a model in this shot.
Strobist: Bowens 500 flash heads at 45 degrees either side of subject, Bowens 500 with beauty dish, above and camera right.
Mental Mechanic. As well as sporting activities, Robbie is also a bit of a Mini enthusiast. Here we see him curse at his beloved Mini Clubman, in an attempt to get it working. Moments later he simply flipped, standing and jumping on the poor car.
Strobist: SB 800, in engine bay of car aimed at face, Cactus KF-36, camera right, filling in the back of subject.
Basketball part 2. To prove he can actually play, i included an action shot. This was also a fun shoot, but quite difficult thanks to my camera having an apparent magnetic field with the ball. After each shot i would have to roll over and to protect the camera before the ball would hit. Also made slightly more difficult by some big shot who kept coming over too. But hey these are things that i'm going to have to deal with in future.
Strobist: Sun, camera left and behind. Cactus KF36 and SB 800, camera right and front filling in basketball pole and Robbie.