Tuesday, 13 October 2009

InMotion: Current Brief - Risk Biography

So, for those of you that don't know I'm back at uni. Wohoo!! Great to see all my friends again and get back to work too.
My first assignment is called Risk. I have to challenge myself through my photography, either physically or technically; or both.
I have decided to try and use artificial light (sometimes mxied with ambient lighting) for all my photos. Since, though i have attempted to use it several times, i feel i have never really mastered it.
The images also have to be auto-biographical. As well and auto-biographical photos i have do biographical photos on another person. So i introduce Robbie Greenaway.
I will post more photos from the assignment though this is it for now.

EMotion: Gisburn Forest / Stocks Reservoir

Blackpool is a great place. It's my home and i will always love it as long as i live here, and will always have fond memories of the place if i ever leave for good. Though i like it, i do find it great to get out of here every now and then.
I love road trips. And i love road trips with friends even more. On Sunday, I was invited to join some friends on a trip to Gisburn Forest, which sits on the side of Stocks Reservoir. The Forest is situated, quite far into the Forest of Bowland, and is always a sight to behold when-ever i've been, with Sunday only being the second time i have been. The trees are so tightly packed together, light hardly touching the ground beneath them. It can be brilliant sunshine, as it was and still be quite cold under the canopy of the trees. It's a fantastic place; and it was made even better thanks to friends that were willing to stray off the beaten track and forge our own way through the forest, on occasions.
I returned home, quite tired (more from the car journey than the forestry walking - imagine five adults in a Peugeot 106) and more than satisfied with what had been a great day out of Blackpool with some great friends. However i was also slightly disappointed with myself. I only took a dozen photos... literally only 12 photos, after spending what must have been about 3 hours in the forest. I wish i had taken the time to get more photos.
Anyway here are two of the dozen.

I must say a BIG thank you to my friends. Nikki for inviting me and driving us all there and back, as well as Alex, Reva and Troy for tolerating me throughout the day. THANK YOU

Saturday, 3 October 2009

EMotion: Another Self-Portrait

They always say the easiest subject to shoot is yourself. I'm not sure i agree entirely, but at least you can produce a self portrait when ever you want because your always available when you want to be.
Anyway, i find them a fairly good way to practice using flash lighting... apart from having to walk back to the camera, and then back to your position, and then back to the camera, and then back to your position, and ............