Monday, 14 September 2009

NoMotion: BVPG at Fairhaven Lake.

The weekend saw another event hosted by the Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group, this time at Fairhaven Lake, and I can proudly say that i was partly responsible for the event. Normally further up the coast Blackpool hosts Ford Day, where Ford vehicle gather. However the usual show-ground couldn't be used due to construction. So i contacted the events organizer and told him about this show. He contacted the BVPG, and the two shows merged for one year only. Result.
Anyway i wasn't going to post anything about the event, but then i found this...

BMW M3 Prodrive
These cars a simply immense. I would like to baffle you with as many facts about it as i can, but the reality is that they are such a rare car, that i simply don't know a lot about it. What i do know is, that it is a rarity to see, and personally i think they are brilliant cars. Period.

And they sound good too.

Here are some more photographs of the event.

Above: More German engineering. Porsche 911 Targa
Above: American Muscle in the shape of a Dodge Superbee.
Above: British engineering and sheer classic nostalgia in the shape of an MG Midget.
Above & Below: A combination of German engineering from VW and Karmann, and Italian style from Ghia, and you have a non-surprisingly named, VW Karmann Ghia.

Above: A small part of the many, many Fords that were on display.
Above: More British classics in the shape of Morris Minors.

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