Monday, 14 September 2009

NoMotion: BVPG at Fairhaven Lake.

The weekend saw another event hosted by the Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group, this time at Fairhaven Lake, and I can proudly say that i was partly responsible for the event. Normally further up the coast Blackpool hosts Ford Day, where Ford vehicle gather. However the usual show-ground couldn't be used due to construction. So i contacted the events organizer and told him about this show. He contacted the BVPG, and the two shows merged for one year only. Result.
Anyway i wasn't going to post anything about the event, but then i found this...

BMW M3 Prodrive
These cars a simply immense. I would like to baffle you with as many facts about it as i can, but the reality is that they are such a rare car, that i simply don't know a lot about it. What i do know is, that it is a rarity to see, and personally i think they are brilliant cars. Period.

And they sound good too.

Here are some more photographs of the event.

Above: More German engineering. Porsche 911 Targa
Above: American Muscle in the shape of a Dodge Superbee.
Above: British engineering and sheer classic nostalgia in the shape of an MG Midget.
Above & Below: A combination of German engineering from VW and Karmann, and Italian style from Ghia, and you have a non-surprisingly named, VW Karmann Ghia.

Above: A small part of the many, many Fords that were on display.
Above: More British classics in the shape of Morris Minors.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

InMotion: World Firework Championships 2009 Heat 2

No major writing this time... i don't feel like it and i don't feel like explaining why.

World Firework Championships 2009, Heat 2, Friday 11th Sept. Competitor: Ireland

Above: Though i will say that i love this shot, with the eerie lights surround the pier's building.
Oh and some mental psychedelia for you.

EMotion: Possibly one of my best photos... certainly one of my favourites.

It's quite a claim i know. But when i saw the photograph with its great contrast and the water droplets on the swans head, i loved it. You may not think so, but i think that it's great, personally.

I also got this picture which i think isn't as good, but you may think otherwise too, but i thought i'd post it anyway.

Friday, 11 September 2009

EMotion: Have you ever played peek-a-boo with a squirrel?

I have; and i must say its rather fun and enjoyable. It was a beautiful day yesterday as is today (at least here in Blackpool anyway), and as i normally do i went for a walk to my park... well okay it's everyones, but secretly it's mine.
Was wandering through the wooded section looking for something interesting when i stopped against a tree, a squirrel came scurrying down. Hiding on the opposite side of the tree, constantly popping round each side to see if i was still there. It was quite funny seeing his/her little face popping out and in again. No normally i moan because i have a 55-200mm lens cos it's too short but in this case it was too big. I was simply too close to him/her to get a decent shot, plus it was really dark under the tree. So i had to wait until he/she went higher again. It was a good day, made even better when i saw a Nuthatch. Not exceedingly rare, but it's a rare enough and a quiet enough bird that puts a smile on my face when ever i see one.
Peek-a-boo Squirrel
Snoozing Squirrel
Peeping Squirrel
Hovering Black-Capped Gull
Silhouette of a Nuthatch

Thursday, 10 September 2009

InMotion: British Kite Surfing in Blackpool - Edit

So here's an edit of one of the photos from the kite surfing. Not sure if it works or not. I liked it when i did it. What do you think of it???

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

InMotion: British Kite Surfing in Blackpool (and Classic Cars in the Park)

So this is about it for summer really. The weekend saw the last of the big events in Blackpool before i embark on the second year of Uni, and to be honest it was one of the best events.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, saw Blackpool's central Beach host Round 4 of the BKSA (British Kite-surfing Association) Kiteival National Freestyle Tour. It included four disciplines; Freestyle Kite surf, Course race kite surf, freestyle kite buggy and freestyle kite land boarding. I'll admit i don't know a lot about Kitesurfing, but even i could see the skill many of the competitors have to even stand up. I went to the Friday practice session and the Saturday competition, before i eventually had to give in to the extreme winds... i couldn't take anymore sand blasting.
So yet more proof of Blackpool being a great place to be... c'mon tell me you wouldn't have liked to have been to at least one of the events i have showed you this summer.
Anyway, here are some shots of the weekend.

Friday's practice session was a very gloomy one, which made for quite atmospheric photos, but then rain pelted it down, as which even the surfers called it a day before night set in as well as the rain. It did however give a taste of things to come.

Saturday was a better say. Still mainly cloudy, but the sun burst through occasionally giving some nice light on the waves. The wind was as strong as you'd expect for a kite surfing competition. The sea was a fair way out, so the competitors prepared on the beach, giving people to simply wander through the dormant kites that would soon become monstrous animals fighting with mother nature and human strength.

There were various categories, including a junior one. I spotted this guy, who looked quite young, but was also extremely talented.

One of the more experienced competitors grabbing some HUGE AIR. This just gives you an idea of how physical and technical the event is.

Story Time: The invasion began late in the morning. The hazy cloud giving just enough cover for the infiltrators. There was just a few at first, arriving by sea, harnessing the power of nature and using to their advantage, like nothing else seen before.

The numbers grew as the attack advanced, bringing more and more force with them. The beach was clear, they simply powered there way on to the land. No defense had been prepared.

They surrounded the buildings where unsuspecting civilians were living out there lives. Some dispatched of their machines, favouring instead to carry on by foot; where as the rest continued the invasion from the air, circling the main landmark ready for an attack. Sizing up their prey prey before unleashing untold force.

Classic Cars in the Park
The same weekend, in Stanley Park there was a static classic car show hosted by the BVPG (Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group). The event happens every year, around the beautifully kept Italian Gardens and in the shadow of the Art Deco Cafe. Personally i love the event, but it's not everyones idea of a good fun day. There are few more events before i return to Uni, which i may post on if i find something particularly interesting, otherwise i'll not bother boring you all :P

There were several highlights for me from the show, one of them being this exquisitely rebuilt and modified Mini Clubman 1275GT dating from a very retro 1971... tax exempt baby.

I bumped into a friend of mine, who invited me to come and see his car. He guided me to a rather unexpected sight of Porsche Club GB. His 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo sat proudly amongst some of the finest Porshce's in the North West.

I normally count myself as a fan of classic British and Japanese cars, but my review screen told a different story. I had taken far more photographs of American cars, in particular this Ford HotRod with and Edelbrock V8 under the "hood."

Some more American muscle in the shape of a 4.9 litre turbo charged Pontiac Transam (above) and a sleek looking Plymouth SuperFour.

Overall quite an entertaining weekend in "boring Blackpool". Come visit sometime... you might just be surprised.
Oh and next week I'm going to see some live music... though don't expect many photographs... I'll be skanking to the sound of Graham McPherson's band.