Wednesday, 19 August 2009

No Motion: Bowland Wild Boar Farm

Had a family day out to the Bowland Wild Boar Farm last week. I've spent many happy hours there as a kid so we decided to go back there to see how it has changed.
My niece loved the place. Especially the chance to touch and hold chicks.

I think this Wallaby was looking for a lighter.
The Wallabies perhaps the best attraction, because you could go in the enclosure with them and get really close.
As the name suggests, there are more boars than anything else. Perhaps not as popular with the smaller kids, because they tend to hide in the long grass during the hottest time of day, and they aren't as exciting to look at as perhaps the Wallabies. Personally though i think they're great.

We were joined for dinner by many finches and tits. The dinning room there also serves as a great hide to get some great photos. And dinner was the second reason for our visit. Some of the boars are bread for slaughter, to be used as sausages and bacon. Possibly the best sausage and bacon barm that i've ever had.
Another highlight of the day was seeing the relatively rare Nuthatch (above). However if it wasn't for my incompetence to use a high enough shutter speed i would have actually got some sharp photos; but at least i'll know for next time. I wasn't best pleased with myself.

The chick holding was held twice daily, and some of them were only a day old.

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  1. I love boars! Well pigs in general. Especially warthogs. But yes! Some schweet photos here :D