Tuesday, 21 July 2009

InMotion: My Best Photograph Ever ...

... and here it is.
Ok, so i'll admit it isn't the greatest photograph... but i made you look hey.  The reason i've put it on is because it is my first ever photograph of a Barn Owl (yes that white blurry thing in the middle)
Call, me naive, but i'd been seeing photographs of Barn Owls taken by a friend... though miles away... as in on the other coast miles away.   There has to be Barn Owl's in Blackpool.  So i went to pretty much one of only few Barn's that i know exist near Blackpool, and scouts honour, with in minutes of being there i'd seen my first wild Barn Owl.
Now i know the photographs aren't great, and are incredibly noisy, but it was pretty much dark... but i'm fairly proud of my efforts with a pathetic 200mm lens.
Perhaps i was naive, because i returned for the next three evenings and saw nothing but swallows and swifts.  Then the weather turned bad for a few days so i didn't bother going.  Then the next time i went i got this shot... my best yet... though still not very good.  I simply need to get closer, and hope the owl comes out just half an hour earlier so i have better light.
Here's a snap from Stanley Park... again quite noisy, but it was late and raining... i just like the grey tones.
Whilst waiting for the owl, there are various other things to look at.  Snails, such as this, moths,  several Kestrels, which get dive bombed by plucky Magpies before getting chased away.  There are also loads of Swallows, and Martins, though I'm not sure whether they're Sand or House Martins.  But the best attraction other than the owl for me are the Swifts.  They fly so, sooo fast, and turn even quicker, and when it's getting dark they don't see you until they're only a metre or two from your face, which is awesome.  I had no chance of photographing them.

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