Wednesday, 24 June 2009

NoMotion: Afternoon in the Garden Sun

Nothing special today really.  I wasn't going to post anything, but i was forced into it against my will; well sort of, by someone who is present in the pictures if you look hard enough.
The plan for the day was to sit behind a computer screen and work on some photo editing, and a special photo series, that i can hopefully get uploaded when finished (so watch this space)
The day started with a ride to the shop on board the bicycle.
When i got back, i went for a ride on my motorcycle... not far, just to a friends house and through Staining, so no pictures from the adventure unfortunately.  
I then got out the table and chairs, with the parasol... ok so it's an umbrella, but parasol sounds better.  And i did some work on a photo-present, evidence courtesy of the masking tape.
I then began editing some photographs form the weekend (again watch this space) as well as being logged onto to the ever procrastinating [ :P ] Facebook, which lead to a couple of nice conversations with Lee and Hannah
I was of course accompanied by music in the form of the above. :D
My bike, not with a cover on to keep it warm, but to stop the sun from blasting and boiling my seat.
The Parasol :P
If any of these images have funny colours, it's because they were edited out doors, which i feel may be the case above.
A close up of Suzy X.

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