Thursday, 18 June 2009

InMotion: More Jumping shots

Once again i decided to take out the flashguns from Uni, just to try to get some more practice in.  This though i had to use a Metz 45-CL instead of the SB-900.
The images are similar to last time, using the same dancer performing similar jumps and moves.  However this time i tried to light the image better than last time, to try and make the dancer have more form, and jump out form the background.
For these two shots (above and below) i think the lighting has worked well.  A strong shadow, and slight movement in the hands of the dancer make her appear as she is jumping as opposed to floating, which was the issue i had last time.
For the shot below, i don't think the lighting is as effective, and i should have changed the position of the two flashguns, since the dancer is now wearing a darker colour making it harder to pick her from the background. 
I am still quite happy with the shot though.  It took a few attempts, purely because she moves so fast, but all of the dancer is in the frame.  The head and torso are both sharp, but there is definitely signs of movement which i like a lot.
For the shot below i should have changed the lights too, because the dancer has a black shadow surrounding her.  Again though i am happy that the photograph is both sharp and shows signs of movement.
I also did a couple of portraits.
As well as some more motorcycle shots... this time of my dads motorcycle, instead of my own.

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