Friday, 26 June 2009

InMotion: A Mini Adventure... in a Vauxhall

On Thursday, we went on a Mini adventure, but in a Vauxhall... but wait, there was a Mini theme.
For whatever reason i decided to document the day, which resulted in some black and white photographs.  i don't know why i converted them to black and white.  I suppose it's the word documentary, which makes you think black and white.
Anyway, here's the Mini adventure.
The view from the cockpit, along the M55.
Zooming along quite nicely.
The road ahead, now on the more scenic A59.
Normally clouds like that mean rain within 36 hours, something went wrong because we definitely didn't get wet.
Here's the first Mini theme.  The whole point of the trip to Padiham, was this place; Mini Sport.  My sister owns a Mini Clubman, from 1978, and needed some parts, so i jumped in the car to go along for the ride.
The workshop was spotless, and some of the cars were amazing.  This little number was coming along nicely.
Big truck, Little L plate.  This was an unfortunate sight for most of the journey back, until Radio 1 aired the live lounge version of Raindrops, by Basement Jaxx.  Awesome song.
A new kind of wind turbine device... i think, on the grounds of BAE Systems.
Also at BAE Systems there are some great old planes that now lay dormant.
Confectionary Corner.  A Costa, a Greggs, a Subway, a KFC, and out of sight, a Pizza Hut, a McDonalds and a Starbucks.  Pheew.  Preston likes it's fast food.
And it's shopping outlets.
Still on the Mini theme, it was my nieces 2nd birthday too, so we went to Clarks to get her some new shoes.  aaaawww, little feet.

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