Friday, 26 June 2009

InMotion: Danny MacAskill Live in Blackpool (with video)

So here it is.  The big post of the week; well it is for me, photographs and a video, be sure to check both videos.
Firstly I'll introduce you to the star of the post; Danny MacAskill.  If you haven't heard of him, then you should have and if not then you will do.  To call him a man who does tricks on a bicycle is an understatement.  This is the video that introduced me to him.

With in a couple of weeks of seeing this video i heard that he would be performing in Blackpool.
However, he was not alone.  He is apart of the "The Clan - Scotland's Cycle Stunt Team"
Together there are six regualr riders, with guests also perofroming.  for the Blackpool performances there were four riders,  Danny (mtb trials rider), Duncan (trials rider), Kenny (mtb rider) and finally Nash (bmx rider).  each had there own unique tricks, but the highlight for me was actually seeing Danny performing.  His amazing balance, and seeing his fingers gripping and releasing the brakes so quickly but with pure precision.  Oh and did i mention he produced a world record equalling bunny hop, measuring 1 metre 22 from the ground.
All the riders were brilliant, and Nash certainly knew how to get some big air.
Danny and The Clan not only performed on the ramps they had brought with them, but decided to along the promenade.  danny on the other hand preferred the sea-wall.  Check out what he was doing on the sea-wall, with the sea and rocks roughly about 20 foot below.

His balance was astounding.  One of my favourite tricks was this J-Turn which can be seen in more detail in the video below.  (If you are experiencing problems viewing the video then the video is also on my Flickr site, which also has more info on how i made the video

Here is a still from the video, the speed with which he performed most of his tricks, including the backflip was amazing.

I hope i have managed to fuel your passion for this man as much as he did for me.  As his bike says, "Inspired."


  1. you are getting good at this blog stuff, dude!

  2. Cheers Andy. I was proud of my home made video.