Thursday, 4 June 2009

EMotion: Knowsley Safari Park

First of all i must thank, Tom, Myrddin and Hannah, for an absolutely fantastic day out at Knowsley where we were blessed by perfect weather.  So thanks guys and gal. :D
I had been to Knowsley Safari park once before when i was a kid, but i could hardly remember any of it, so it was great to be back there.  I suppose the highlight had to be the weather, because it was brilliant all day, but in terms of the animals, though lazy, the lions were great.
The baboons as ever climbed all over the car.  However for myself, Myrddin and Hannah, i think the best bit could well have been when a young rhino started rubbing up against Tom's cars and began chewing the tyre.  haha, good times.

These are real elephants, i was just trying to show how vast their enclosure was, which as you can see was huge.
Guess the skins textures???

Arthur the Californian Sea Lion put on a great show.

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