Thursday, 4 June 2009

EMotion: I now know why I'm not a Wildy.

And these are the reasons why.  Over three days of going to the park everyday, spending hours at a time at four different nest sights and these are the best i could come up with.
I give all credit to wildlife photographers.  The shots they manage to get are all well earned.  Trying to track the animal in the frame of the lens, as well as continually focusing, and battling with fading light makes photographing conditions less than ideal.
I spent hours scouring the tree tops.  I went to three woodpeckers nests, a great tits nest, and in the end i just ended photographing squirrels and geese.
Out of the three days wandering round these are probably the best two shots that i got.  Above is a Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding on some nuts placed there by another photographer (who just so happened to have a 840mm lens... as in massive).  Below is a rather cheeky squirrel who appeared more than happy to perch on the handrail just long enough for me to capture him in my lens.

This was the most unexpected sighting of my time on the park.  This female kestrel almost literally flew into me, as i appeared from behind a wall, before she swooped back up and coming to rest on the Sports Centre.  I quickly climbed the gates to get a better vantage point, but i was still to far away.  When i jumped down i was greeted by a crowd of half a dozen people looking at me bewildered.

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