Thursday, 18 June 2009

EMotion: 'Cos it's Macro Babyyy

Recently i have been taking out new equipment from the stores room at my University.  last week, as you can see from my blog i used the SB flashguns for the first time.  This week however, i have been working on a totally different scale altogether.
I took out a 60mm Macro Lens, which was my first experience of a Macro lens.  and what an experience.
The smallest movement warranted what felt like a mile through the lens.  The smallest breeze would simply ruin the composition and then i'd try to compensate for the movement, which was when i got it terribly wrong.  In the end i resorted to using a tripod, which was a life saver.

This is probably my best shot from my first Macro experience.

The buds of a flower i don't know the name of... maybe you might??

I love Passion Flowers... they're so different... and beautiful.

A bug on an orange flower... that's as much as i know.

Daisy Lights

Yellow Rose
I hope you enjoyed my first experience of using a Macro lens... i know i certainly did.  I think a Macro lens may well be one of my next purchases.

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