Friday, 26 June 2009

EMotion: Blackpool Zoo

The weather outside is sweltering, but needs must, so i was inside editing photographs.  *phone rings*  "Hello"  "Dan mate, d'ya wanna come to the zoo with me and Nikki."  "Hell Yeah"  
Ten minutes later i was at the entrance.
the attraction for the day was the new lion cubs, which no matter what, always managed to deceive my lens.  Oh well.  I did get some other animals though.
The Red Panda has to be one of the most under rated animals.  I personally think they're amazing and could have spent the whole day looking up at them.  But i didn't and we moved on.

Emu's are an interesting creature... not sure whether i like them or not.  But check out the brilliant reflection in his/her eye.
The Lemur's are one of few animals that you can actually come into contact with, which also allows for close up shots of these cheeky little animals.  Check out Merv stroking one.

I still had the Macro lens with me on the day, which came in handy for these little guys.
The Squirrel Monkey's are another animal you can come into contact with, though far more cheeky and outgoing than the lemurs.
Eye of the Pelican.
The Orang Utan's are also great to watch, especially this little guy who kept making himself a hat out of straw.

I must thank Myrddin and Nikki, for inviting me on a great day.

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