Friday, 26 June 2009

InMotion: Danny MacAskill Live in Blackpool (with video)

So here it is.  The big post of the week; well it is for me, photographs and a video, be sure to check both videos.
Firstly I'll introduce you to the star of the post; Danny MacAskill.  If you haven't heard of him, then you should have and if not then you will do.  To call him a man who does tricks on a bicycle is an understatement.  This is the video that introduced me to him.

With in a couple of weeks of seeing this video i heard that he would be performing in Blackpool.
However, he was not alone.  He is apart of the "The Clan - Scotland's Cycle Stunt Team"
Together there are six regualr riders, with guests also perofroming.  for the Blackpool performances there were four riders,  Danny (mtb trials rider), Duncan (trials rider), Kenny (mtb rider) and finally Nash (bmx rider).  each had there own unique tricks, but the highlight for me was actually seeing Danny performing.  His amazing balance, and seeing his fingers gripping and releasing the brakes so quickly but with pure precision.  Oh and did i mention he produced a world record equalling bunny hop, measuring 1 metre 22 from the ground.
All the riders were brilliant, and Nash certainly knew how to get some big air.
Danny and The Clan not only performed on the ramps they had brought with them, but decided to along the promenade.  danny on the other hand preferred the sea-wall.  Check out what he was doing on the sea-wall, with the sea and rocks roughly about 20 foot below.

His balance was astounding.  One of my favourite tricks was this J-Turn which can be seen in more detail in the video below.  (If you are experiencing problems viewing the video then the video is also on my Flickr site, which also has more info on how i made the video

Here is a still from the video, the speed with which he performed most of his tricks, including the backflip was amazing.

I hope i have managed to fuel your passion for this man as much as he did for me.  As his bike says, "Inspired."

EMotion: Blackpool Zoo

The weather outside is sweltering, but needs must, so i was inside editing photographs.  *phone rings*  "Hello"  "Dan mate, d'ya wanna come to the zoo with me and Nikki."  "Hell Yeah"  
Ten minutes later i was at the entrance.
the attraction for the day was the new lion cubs, which no matter what, always managed to deceive my lens.  Oh well.  I did get some other animals though.
The Red Panda has to be one of the most under rated animals.  I personally think they're amazing and could have spent the whole day looking up at them.  But i didn't and we moved on.

Emu's are an interesting creature... not sure whether i like them or not.  But check out the brilliant reflection in his/her eye.
The Lemur's are one of few animals that you can actually come into contact with, which also allows for close up shots of these cheeky little animals.  Check out Merv stroking one.

I still had the Macro lens with me on the day, which came in handy for these little guys.
The Squirrel Monkey's are another animal you can come into contact with, though far more cheeky and outgoing than the lemurs.
Eye of the Pelican.
The Orang Utan's are also great to watch, especially this little guy who kept making himself a hat out of straw.

I must thank Myrddin and Nikki, for inviting me on a great day.

InMotion: A Mini Adventure... in a Vauxhall

On Thursday, we went on a Mini adventure, but in a Vauxhall... but wait, there was a Mini theme.
For whatever reason i decided to document the day, which resulted in some black and white photographs.  i don't know why i converted them to black and white.  I suppose it's the word documentary, which makes you think black and white.
Anyway, here's the Mini adventure.
The view from the cockpit, along the M55.
Zooming along quite nicely.
The road ahead, now on the more scenic A59.
Normally clouds like that mean rain within 36 hours, something went wrong because we definitely didn't get wet.
Here's the first Mini theme.  The whole point of the trip to Padiham, was this place; Mini Sport.  My sister owns a Mini Clubman, from 1978, and needed some parts, so i jumped in the car to go along for the ride.
The workshop was spotless, and some of the cars were amazing.  This little number was coming along nicely.
Big truck, Little L plate.  This was an unfortunate sight for most of the journey back, until Radio 1 aired the live lounge version of Raindrops, by Basement Jaxx.  Awesome song.
A new kind of wind turbine device... i think, on the grounds of BAE Systems.
Also at BAE Systems there are some great old planes that now lay dormant.
Confectionary Corner.  A Costa, a Greggs, a Subway, a KFC, and out of sight, a Pizza Hut, a McDonalds and a Starbucks.  Pheew.  Preston likes it's fast food.
And it's shopping outlets.
Still on the Mini theme, it was my nieces 2nd birthday too, so we went to Clarks to get her some new shoes.  aaaawww, little feet.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

NoMotion: Afternoon in the Garden Sun

Nothing special today really.  I wasn't going to post anything, but i was forced into it against my will; well sort of, by someone who is present in the pictures if you look hard enough.
The plan for the day was to sit behind a computer screen and work on some photo editing, and a special photo series, that i can hopefully get uploaded when finished (so watch this space)
The day started with a ride to the shop on board the bicycle.
When i got back, i went for a ride on my motorcycle... not far, just to a friends house and through Staining, so no pictures from the adventure unfortunately.  
I then got out the table and chairs, with the parasol... ok so it's an umbrella, but parasol sounds better.  And i did some work on a photo-present, evidence courtesy of the masking tape.
I then began editing some photographs form the weekend (again watch this space) as well as being logged onto to the ever procrastinating [ :P ] Facebook, which lead to a couple of nice conversations with Lee and Hannah
I was of course accompanied by music in the form of the above. :D
My bike, not with a cover on to keep it warm, but to stop the sun from blasting and boiling my seat.
The Parasol :P
If any of these images have funny colours, it's because they were edited out doors, which i feel may be the case above.
A close up of Suzy X.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

EMotion: 'Cos it's Macro Babyyy

Recently i have been taking out new equipment from the stores room at my University.  last week, as you can see from my blog i used the SB flashguns for the first time.  This week however, i have been working on a totally different scale altogether.
I took out a 60mm Macro Lens, which was my first experience of a Macro lens.  and what an experience.
The smallest movement warranted what felt like a mile through the lens.  The smallest breeze would simply ruin the composition and then i'd try to compensate for the movement, which was when i got it terribly wrong.  In the end i resorted to using a tripod, which was a life saver.

This is probably my best shot from my first Macro experience.

The buds of a flower i don't know the name of... maybe you might??

I love Passion Flowers... they're so different... and beautiful.

A bug on an orange flower... that's as much as i know.

Daisy Lights

Yellow Rose
I hope you enjoyed my first experience of using a Macro lens... i know i certainly did.  I think a Macro lens may well be one of my next purchases.

InMotion: More Jumping shots

Once again i decided to take out the flashguns from Uni, just to try to get some more practice in.  This though i had to use a Metz 45-CL instead of the SB-900.
The images are similar to last time, using the same dancer performing similar jumps and moves.  However this time i tried to light the image better than last time, to try and make the dancer have more form, and jump out form the background.
For these two shots (above and below) i think the lighting has worked well.  A strong shadow, and slight movement in the hands of the dancer make her appear as she is jumping as opposed to floating, which was the issue i had last time.
For the shot below, i don't think the lighting is as effective, and i should have changed the position of the two flashguns, since the dancer is now wearing a darker colour making it harder to pick her from the background. 
I am still quite happy with the shot though.  It took a few attempts, purely because she moves so fast, but all of the dancer is in the frame.  The head and torso are both sharp, but there is definitely signs of movement which i like a lot.
For the shot below i should have changed the lights too, because the dancer has a black shadow surrounding her.  Again though i am happy that the photograph is both sharp and shows signs of movement.
I also did a couple of portraits.
As well as some more motorcycle shots... this time of my dads motorcycle, instead of my own.