Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No Motion: Right Place, Right Time

Well here it is, the one you've been waiting for.  I'll recall the story as brief as i can.
A boring day in the house, so i decided to go for a walk.  As always i threw my camera bag on and picked up my tripod, because you never know when.  And you never know when actually happened.  I was wandering back through town when i came across a new art installation.  I took a closer look and liked what i saw so i took the camera out.  I was asking one of the workers what was going on and he was happy to let me take a few pictures.
Along comes another builder and asks what i am doing, "I've already got permission" i said.  the conversation goes on and before you know i'm the other side of the fence with a hard hat and day-glow jacket on.  Add to this a harness and i'm two and half stories above the ground in a cherry picker.  So what turned out to be leisurely stroll ended up being a shoot until well after midnight.  It was awesome... a little nerving to begin with, but great fun.  Hopefully the pics will end up on the contractors website.  Good times.
A sleeping Cherry Picker.

When finished the arches should represent a coiled spring running down the road knitted through the ground.

My trusty steed.
Birley Street as you've never seen it before.

Hard at work, two and a half (that's nearly 12 metres up) stories up.

See, sometimes just being out there; in the right place at the right time pays off.

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