Friday, 17 April 2009

The fourth day of the trip was possibly the best day of the whole Rome experience.  Whilst there i wanted to shoot as much of Rome at night as i could.  As it turned out my first proper chance came on the last night, and this was the best i got.
This had to be one of the best sights whilst i was there.  I was imply walking down the street, all be it quite a posh street, a Gucci shop on the right, Prada on the left, Jimmy Choo on the right, Yves Saint Lauren on the left, F1 car on the right... what!!! Yes, just sat there in the shop window of the Ferrari store was Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari.  This was highlighted further still when i found the official Dainese shop, the guys who make Valentino Rossi's leathers.
For me, at least St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican was amazing.  So much so that i went back a second time, this time going right to the top of the Dome that you see here, the highest point in Rome.
And the view from the top was just as impressive as the view from the bottom looking up.  The term "I could see for miles" is actually warranted for once.

The view back down, of the roof tops was also quite impressive.

And this is St. Peter's statue, inside the Cathedral.  Notice his toes have been rubbed away by all the people who have touched and rubbed them.

There will more pics from Rome to follow, though this time they have a theme.  Stay tuned!

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