Sunday, 26 April 2009

EMotion: Portrait of a little Angel

Spent a couple of hours on the beach with my niece at the weekend.  All i'm going to say is photographing adults is far easier than photographing children, particularly a camera conscious 22 month year old.  As soon as she sees the camera lens, she runs towards it making it particularly hard to zoom, focus and re-re-compose.
She simply loves the camera, so much so she just wants to hold it constantly.  So much so that i set the tripod up, and let her take this, her first photograph, at 22 months old... a little out of focus, but not bad hey.
"Put on your boots."
First she tried to climb on it, before realising what it was for and then carrying it round with her everywhere.
The simplest things can occupy a child for hours.

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