Wednesday, 15 April 2009

EMotion: General Pics from Rome

The Palatine or Palatino, was the first inhabited area of Rome, and the two main houses are still standing.  Here's one of them. The sheer scale of the place was incredible.
Most shots were carefully thought about, but some were just sheer spontaneity; such as this one.  This has to be one of my favourite shots from my time in Rome.

The sheer scale of the Ancient Roman architecture was truly amazing.  Trying to get your head around how they built such intricately detailed and enormous structures in the time they were in, with the tools they had, was amazing.  This building needs no introduction.
Slightly abstract image, taken purely for how blue the sky was, which as you can see was very blue.
This is an image of what i imagine are local Romans going about daily life.  Walking the children to school perhaps.

A good few weeks ago now i went to Rome with the college, and have finally managed to edit all the pics that i took.  I have already put some onto Flickr, but i am also putting some on here in series.  This first set is just a general over view of some of the images i produced whilst there.

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