Wednesday, 15 April 2009

EMotion: General Pics from Rome (cont.)

The standout piece of architecture in the Vatican and most of Rome had to be St. Peter's Cathedral, which was simply amazing.  The detail in everything was second to none.  It was a great experience.
One of our tutors admiring the sculpture work in the Vatican, which was a highlight of the trip.
At night a place is transformed, and Rome was no exception.  i love night photography and didn;t get to shoot at night as much as i would have liked to, but when i did i liked what i saw.  Including this ghost at the Trevi Fountain.
A picture of a picture of the Trevi Fountain, which was another great place, especially at night (see above)
The Monumento Vittorio Emanuele was one of my favourite sights in Rome and even though i had many picture of the place I would often stop and take a picture every time we passed it, which was nearly every day.
There wasn't a single day when we didn't visit one of the many cafes or restaurants in Rome, and this day was no exception, apart from the fact that on this day we were accompanied by beautiful weather.
The Pantheon was a fantastic building.  The aperture in the roof allows all weathers to be both inside and out and make for a great spectacle.

The Monmento Vittorio Emanuelle was another truly magnificent building.  This image really doesn't do justice to how big the place was.  Some of the sheer amount of detail in the carvings and sculptures can be scene here though.

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