Thursday, 30 April 2009

EMotion: Flash Practise

Learning how to use on location flash whilst on the job is pretty difficult.  So many switches, settings and general confusion.  Not ideal... but it seems that is what needs to be done.

Anyway so i had a go with the Bowens Gemini kit, which has you can see, made a twilight scene almost appear daylight and also produced a horrendous shadow that i don't like at all.

Second time around i used a Metz Digital flash gun.  Much best shadow position and length thanks to a higher flash position (thanks to an assistant ;).  However as you can see there is a bit of a colour clash.  i would happily have stayed all night to get it right... but flash gun said "no."  The batteries went.  
Note to self.  Don't rely on other to return equipment with a fully charged battery... they can't be relied on.  Needless to say the flash gun is on charge as i type.

Before i concentrated on the narrative brief i learnt how to use the Metz by producing some shots in my garage, since the light conditions were similar though working in a smaller environment.  
The results aren't too bad.

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