Thursday, 30 April 2009

EMotion: Flash Practise

Learning how to use on location flash whilst on the job is pretty difficult.  So many switches, settings and general confusion.  Not ideal... but it seems that is what needs to be done.

Anyway so i had a go with the Bowens Gemini kit, which has you can see, made a twilight scene almost appear daylight and also produced a horrendous shadow that i don't like at all.

Second time around i used a Metz Digital flash gun.  Much best shadow position and length thanks to a higher flash position (thanks to an assistant ;).  However as you can see there is a bit of a colour clash.  i would happily have stayed all night to get it right... but flash gun said "no."  The batteries went.  
Note to self.  Don't rely on other to return equipment with a fully charged battery... they can't be relied on.  Needless to say the flash gun is on charge as i type.

Before i concentrated on the narrative brief i learnt how to use the Metz by producing some shots in my garage, since the light conditions were similar though working in a smaller environment.  
The results aren't too bad.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

EMotion: Portrait of a little Angel

Spent a couple of hours on the beach with my niece at the weekend.  All i'm going to say is photographing adults is far easier than photographing children, particularly a camera conscious 22 month year old.  As soon as she sees the camera lens, she runs towards it making it particularly hard to zoom, focus and re-re-compose.
She simply loves the camera, so much so she just wants to hold it constantly.  So much so that i set the tripod up, and let her take this, her first photograph, at 22 months old... a little out of focus, but not bad hey.
"Put on your boots."
First she tried to climb on it, before realising what it was for and then carrying it round with her everywhere.
The simplest things can occupy a child for hours.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

In Motion: Ridesafe Backsafe Rendezvous 2009

There is always something to do in Blackpool... but if touristy, fairground, party nights aren't your thing then there is always something else.  Believe it or not there is a big community for motoring in Blackpool and one such event that brings in the two wheeled variety is the Ridesafe Backsafe Rendezvous organised by the local Constabulary.  Now that doesn't sound very promising; until you turn up to the event that is.
In a small arena they stage various displays of motorcycling talent... be it a multiple world record holding stunt rider, a stunt display team or a bike control test, there is plenty to see, as well as hear with a live band performing throughout the day.
The main attraction for me was Dave Coates, a world record holding stunt rider.  He holds multiple world records, including, 20, feet up donuts in a minute (this record was actually broken a couple of weeks ago), fastest speed whilst sat on the bike backwards, 151.7mph, longest distance travelled whilst stood on the bike (bike surfing). 
The man is simply a genius on a motorcycle.

Bike surfing... he hopes to do this for somewhere in the region of 8-10 miles.  Yes, that will include turning!!!
It's burnout time :D :D :D

The tyre finally gave way shortly after this monstrous burnout, 
with lets say more than a big bang.
And just to prove that you don't need a big expensive bike to do it all on, here's Dave on his 50cc scooter.
Thumbs up from Dave and a thumbs up from me.
Even though he was riding a quad he still wanted to be on two wheels.  He just couldn't help it. The man is annoyingly talented.
There wasn't only Dave performing; Motor Stunt International, also performed, and you could say there display was far more daring... but i preferred Dave's personally.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people turned up to see what was going on, most of them, of course were bikers.
A special paint job on one of the many bikes in the bike park.
The Ridesafe Backsafe Rendezvous, held at St. Chad's headland, in between the Central and South Piers.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No Motion: Right Place, Right Time

Well here it is, the one you've been waiting for.  I'll recall the story as brief as i can.
A boring day in the house, so i decided to go for a walk.  As always i threw my camera bag on and picked up my tripod, because you never know when.  And you never know when actually happened.  I was wandering back through town when i came across a new art installation.  I took a closer look and liked what i saw so i took the camera out.  I was asking one of the workers what was going on and he was happy to let me take a few pictures.
Along comes another builder and asks what i am doing, "I've already got permission" i said.  the conversation goes on and before you know i'm the other side of the fence with a hard hat and day-glow jacket on.  Add to this a harness and i'm two and half stories above the ground in a cherry picker.  So what turned out to be leisurely stroll ended up being a shoot until well after midnight.  It was awesome... a little nerving to begin with, but great fun.  Hopefully the pics will end up on the contractors website.  Good times.
A sleeping Cherry Picker.

When finished the arches should represent a coiled spring running down the road knitted through the ground.

My trusty steed.
Birley Street as you've never seen it before.

Hard at work, two and a half (that's nearly 12 metres up) stories up.

See, sometimes just being out there; in the right place at the right time pays off.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Motion in NoMotion: Norcalympia Bike Show

It wasn't anything particularly special but I thought i'd share the photographs anyway.  A couple of weekends ago there was a motorcycle show and auto-jumble at the Norcalympia at the Norbreck Castle Hotel.  The highlights of the show were of course the motorcycles themselves.
This particular bike is a Suzuki GT750, the first ever water-cooled motorcycle.  However known as the "Incredible Kettle" this particular bike is a little special.  It has a one off frame, and features numerous parts from a 2008 Suzuki GSXR-1000, including all the bodywork, forks and wheels.  It made for a spectacular sight.

This is a more or less standard GT750, apart from a one off paint job featuring metal flakes which looked great under the fluorescent lighting.

Of course there were other motorcycles there including this marvellous Kawasaki Z1.

EMotion: Looking Up At Rome

As in the last post, like i said whilst in Rome i wanted to try and create a series of images that would work well together, which is when this series came about.  t first i simply liked what i saw when i looked up at Roman Architecture... it's just so different to British Architecture.  Then i found my self doing it several times in a day which is when i made the conscious decision to keep producing these images.  I was always
 looking for something interesting and slightly different when i looked up... contrasting colours, strong lines and of course the blue s
kies helped too.
Take look at the series and see what you think.

Looking up at Rome.