Sunday, 1 March 2009

InMotion: North West Stages 2009

Last weekend was one of the best weekends i've had in a long time.  People say Blackpool is good for nothing; but they'd be wrong, as i hope to prove.  I'm an avid rally fan and general motorsport fan, and everyone once in a while you have to fuel your senses.  If you have time and money to burn this means travelling to events; except for one event of the year that is.
Every year for the last five six years Blackpool hosts a national rally, along 
the promenade and at Pontins, as well as using other areas of the surrounding region (Clifton, Leyland, Lytham).
The event begins at a local car dealer ship where all the cars are scrutinised, before the 112 cars entered moved to the Promenade for the first two stages, held in darkness.

Saturday morning brought day two of the event and a second visit to the Promenade, this time in day light and a much longer stage, running from North Pier, some 4 and a half miles to Norbreck Castle.  After a second run along the prom the cars continued the rally at other venues, making two visits (and four timed stages) to the Pontins Holiday Camp, which made for an exciting, but tight and twisty spectacle.

Come Saturday night and the event would be over.  Just over 30 cars made it to the finish line, with Tony Bardy and Reg Smith winning the event overall in their Nissan GTiR (Pulsar) (car no.2).  I thoroughly enjoyed the event; the atmosphere, the sound and the smell, and i'll definitely be returning next year to top up my juices once more; but hopefully i'll see more action before then.

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