Monday, 2 March 2009

EMotion: Leighton Moss

Last Friday, i turned wildlife photographer for the day, and went on a day trip with three friends; Myrddin, who is one the same course as myself, and Tom and Nikki, who are both wildies.
The aim of the trip was to go to three different locations.  
Glasson Dock, which at the right time of day and year has numerous species of waders.
Leighton Hall, which has many birds of prey and hosts Birds of Prey flight displays.  
And, Leighton Moss, home to the elusive Bittern, and numerous other species of birds, from waders, to ducks, geese and birds of prey too.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at Glasson Dock, the tide meant we couldn't go as far as we wanted to and we also underestimated the conditions that were there.
From here we set out for Leighton Hall, which was quite an adventure to say the least.  Lets just say its best to know your route.  We found Leighton Hall, only for it to be closed, so there you go.
This left Leighton Moss to be our saviour of the day, and to be honest, for me at least it didn't disappoint, apart from one area; me only having a 200mm lens.  If i am ever to do more wildlife photography i definitely need a bigger lens.  We caught sight of two Little Egrets, saw a huge flock of Lapwings and i'd love to say we saw a Bittern, but we didn't.  We did on the other hand here the boom of the Bittern, which for me was just as good.
All in all, a good day, and i can't wait till next time.  What do you think???

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